Normal Pearlescent Pigment
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Normal Pearlescent Pigment

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Normal Grade(Silver White)
Product Code Color Particle Size(um) Download
DCC108 Rutile fine satin <10µm SC
DCC110 Silver fine satin <15µm SC
DCC111 Rutile fine satin <15µm SC
DCC119 Rutile fine satin 5-20µm SC
DCC121 Rutile luster satin 5-25µm SC
DCC120 Luster satin 5-25µm SC
DCC118 Silver white satin 5-20µm SC
DCC123 Luster pearl 10-30µm SC
DCC124 Silk pearl 5-40µm SC
DCC173 Silk pearl 10-40µm SC
DCC104 Rutile silk 10-40µm SC
DCC103 Sterling silver 10-60µm SC
DCC100 Silver pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC150 White pearl 30-70µm SC
DCC151 Luster pearl 10-100µm SC
DCC153 Flash pearl 20-100µm SC
DCC155 Sparkle pearl 40-100µm SC
DCC163 Shimmer pearl 40-200µm SC
DCC183 Special Flash pearl 40-300µm SC
DCC193 Super flash pearl 50-700µm SC
Normal Grade(Interference)
Product Code Color Particle Size(um) Download
DCC205 Platinum pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC205A Golden pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC215 Red pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC217 Copper pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC218 Flamboyant pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC219 Violet pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC220 Crystal blue 10-40µm SC
DCC224 Violaceous 10-60µm SC
DCC225 Blue satin 10-60µm SC
DCC235 Green pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC201 Gold satin 5-25µm SC
DCC211 Red satin 5-25µm SC
DCC221 Blue satin 5-25µm SC
DCC223 Violet satin 5-25µm SC
DCC231 Green satin 5-25µm SC
DCC249 Shimmer gold 10-100µm SC
DCC259 Shimmer red 10-100µm SC
DCC289 Shimmer blue 10-100µm SC
DCC299 Shimmer green 10-100µm SC
DCC2791 Sparkle red 40-200µm SC
DCC2891 Sparkle cobalt blue 40-200µm SC
DCC2615 Red Yellow 10-60µm SC
DCC2619 Violet Yellow 10-60µm SC
DCC2625 Blue orange 10-60µm SC
DCC2635 Yellow green 10-60µm SC
Normal Grade(Gold Luster)
Product Code Color Particle Size(um) Download
DCC300 Gold pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC303 Royal gold 10-60µm SC
DCC304 Mayan gold 10-60µm SC
DCC305 Aztec gold 10-60µm SC
DCC306 Olympic gold 10-60µm SC
DCC307 Turquoise gold 10-60µm SC
DCC309 Reddish gold 10-60µm SC
DCC310 Golden satin 10-60µm SC
DCC313 Royal deep gold 10-60µm SC
DCC319 Royal red golden 10-40µm SC
DCC320 Bright gold 10-60µm SC
DCC302 Gold satin 5-25µm SC
DCC323 Royal gold satin 5-25µm SC
DCC351 Sunny gold 10-100µm SC
DCC353 Reddish gold 20-100µm SC
DCC355 Glitter gold 20-100µm SC
DCC3001 Sparkle gold 40-200µm SC
DCC3501 Soft luster gold 5-25µm SC
DCC3502 Satin luster gold 10-40µm SC
DCC3503 Luster gold 10-60µm SC
DCC3504 Brilliant gold 20-100µm SC
DCC3505 Flash gold 40-200µm SC
DCC3531 Sparkle reddish gold 40-200µm SC
DCC600 Gold pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC602 Super gold satin 5-25µm SC
DCC603 Imperatorial gold 10-60µm SC
DCC605 Aztec gold 10-60µm SC
Normal Grade(Metallics)
Product Code Color Particle Size(um) Download
DCC500 Bronze 10-60µm SC
DCC502 Red-brown 10-60µm SC
DCC504 Wine red 10-60µm SC
DCC505 Mauve 10-60µm SC
DCC507 Ruby 10-60µm SC
DCC508 Blue-russet 10-60µm SC
DCC509 Breen 10-60µm SC
DCC510 Copper black 10-60µm SC
DCC520 Bronze satin 5--25µm SC
DCC522 Red-brown satin 5--25µm SC
DCC524 Wine red satin 5--25µm SC
DCC525 Mauve satin 5--25µm SC
DCC530 Glitter bronze 10—100µm SC
DCC532 Glitter red-brown 10—100µm SC
DCC534 Glitter wine red 10—100µm SC
DCC535 Glitter mauve 10—100µm SC
DCC5301 Super Flash Bronze 20-150µm SC
DCC5302 Super flash brown 40—200µm SC
DCC5321 Super flash Red-brown 40—200µm SC
DCC5341 Super flash wine red 40—200µm SC
DCC5351 Super flash mauve 40—200µm SC
Normal Grade(Color&Pigmentation)
Product Code Color Particle Size(um) Download
DCC400 Luster blue 10-60µm SC
DCC401 Luster black 10-60µm SC
DCC402 Silver black 10-60µm SC
DCC403 Peachblow 10-60µm SC
DCC404 Lilac 10-60µm SC
DCC405 Cambridge blue 10-60µm SC
DCC406 Peak green 10-60µm SC
DCC407 Silver gray 10-60µm SC
DCC410 Nut -Brown 10-60µm SC
DCC411 Nigger-Brown 10-60µm SC
DCC415 Magic red 10-60µm SC
DCC418 Rose red 10-60µm SC
DCC419 Magic violet 10-60µm SC
DCC424 Violaceous 10-60µm SC
DCC425 Magic blue 10-60µm SC
DCC435 Apple green 10-60µm SC
DCC481 Tint red 10-40µm SC
DCC482 Flash red 20-100µm SC
DCC430 Flash Cupreous-Brown 20-100µm SC
DCC491 Flash yellow 20-100µm SC
DCC492 Flash rose red 20-100µm SC
DCC493 Luster purple 20-100µm SC
DCC494 Shimmer magic blue 20-100µm SC
DCC4600 Sparkle blue 20-100µm SC
DCC4602 Sparkle yellow 20-100µm SC
DCC4605 Sparkle red 20-100µm SC
DCC4609 Sparkle green 20-100µm SC
DCC4625 Interference red 10-60µm SC
DCC4627 Interference blue 10-60µm SC
DCC4628 Interference yellow 10-60µm SC
DCC4629 Interference green 10-60µm SC
DCC4701 Golden green 10-60µm SC
DCC4702 Golden blue 10-60µm SC
DCC4703 Apricot pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC4704 Golden violet 10-60µm SC
DCC4705 Indigo pearl 10-60µm SC
DCC4706 Special purple 10-60µm SC
DCC4707 Gold chestnut 10-60µm SC
Normal Grade(Titanium Crystal)
Product Code Color Particle Size(um) Download
DCC2000A1 Fine Dove Gray 5-25µm SC
DCC2000A2 Fine Painting 5-25µm SC
DCC2001A Fine Black Golden 5-25µm SC
DCC2011A Fine Mulberry 5-25µm SC
DCC2023A Fine Green Purple 5-25µm SC
DCC2021A Fine Indigo Blue 5-25µm SC
DCC2031A Fine Grass Green 5-25µm SC
DCC2000B1 Dove Gray 10-60µm SC
DCC2000B2 Painting 10-60µm SC
DCC2005B Black Golden 10-60µm SC
DCC2015B Mulberry 10-60µm SC
DCC2017B Kermes 10-60µm SC
DCC2019B Green Purple 10-60µm SC
DCC2025B Indigo Blue 10-60µm SC
DCC2035B Grass Green 10-60µm SC
DCC2000C1 Flash Dove Gray 20-100µm SC
DCC2000C2 Flash Painting 20-100µm SC
DCC2049C Flash Black Golden 20-100µm SC
DCC2059C Flash Mulberry 20-100µm SC
DCC2069C Flash Green Purple 20-100µm SC
DCC2089C Flash Indigo Blue  
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