Crystal Series Pearlescent Pigment
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Crystal Series Pearlescent Pigment

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Crystal Series(Silver White)
Product Code Color Particle Size(um) Download
DCC8110 penguin white fine satin <15 SC
DCC8000 penguin white satin 5-25 SC
DCC8100 penguin penguin white 10-30 SC
DCC8200 dazzling penguin white 10-45 SC
DCC8300 penguin white 10-60 SC
DCC8400 twinkling penguin white 20-80 SC
DCC8500 flash penguin white 25-100 SC
DCC8600 sparkle penguin white 30-120 SC
DCC8700 glitter penguin white 40-160 SC
DCC8800 super penguin white 50-250 SC
DCC8900 super sparkle penguin white 60-350 SC
Crystal Series(Interference)
Product Code Color Particle Size(um) Download
DCC8105 fine granary 10-30 SC
DCC8115 fine fire goldfish 10-30 SC
DCC8119 fine amethyst 10-30 SC
DCC8125 fine peacock blue 10-30 SC
DCC8135 fine green parrot 10-30 SC
DCC8205 dazzling granary 10-45 SC
DCC8215 dazzling fire goldfish 10-45 SC
DCC8219 dazzling amethyst 10-45 SC
DCC8225 dazzling peacock blue 10-45 SC
DCC8235 dazzling green parrot 10-45 SC
DCC8305 granary 10-60 SC
DCC8315 fire goldfish 10-60 SC
DCC8319 amethyst 10-60 SC
DCC8325 peacock blue 10-60 SC
DCC8335 green parrot 10-60 SC
DCC8505 flash granary 25-100 SC
DCC8515 flash fire goldfish 25-100 SC
DCC8519 flash amethyst 25-100 SC
DCC8525 flash peacock blue 25-100 SC
DCC8535 flash green parrot 25-100 SC
DCC8705 glitter granary 40-160 SC
DCC8715 glitter fire goldfish 40-160 SC
DCC8719 glitter amethyst 40-160 SC
DCC8725 glitter peacock blue 40-160 SC
DCC8735 glitter green parrot 40-160 SC
DCC8805 super granary 50-250 SC
DCC8815 super fire goldfish 50-250 SC
DCC8819 super amethyst 50-250 SC
DCC8825 super peacock blue 50-250 SC
DCC8835 super green parrot 50-250 SC
Crystal Series(Gold&Metallic)
Product Code Color Particle Size(um) Download
DCC8106 fine gold finch 10-30 SC
DCC8123 golden potto 10-30 SC
DCC8336 fold finch 10-60 SC
DCC8303 angwantibo 10-60 SC
DCC8556 flash gold finch 25-100 SC
DCC8553 flash angwantibo 25-100 SC
DCC8856 sparkle gold finch 50-250 SC
DCC8130 fine sanguineus 10-30 SC
DCC8122 fine red kylin 10-30 SC
DCC8124 fine violet cuckoo 10-30 SC
DCC8350 sanguineus 10-60 SC
DCC8302 red kylin 10-60 SC
DCC8304 violet cuckoo 10-60 SC
DCC8530 flash sanguineus 25-100 SC
DCC8532 flash red kylin 25-100 SC
DCC8534 flash violet cuckoo 25-100 SC
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