Cationic Dyes for Acrylic Fiber
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Cationic Dyes for Acrylic Fiber

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Product Code C.I.Number Cas Number Download
Cationic Orange DCC-OR02101 Basic Orange 21 3056-93-7 SC
Cationic Orange DCC-OR03301 Basic Orange 33 12217-46-8 SC
Cationic Black DCC-BK X-2RL Cationicblack X-2RL MIXTURE SC
Cationic Black DCC-BK X-FBL Cationicblack X-FBL MIXTURE SC
Cationic Black DCC-BKX-O Cationicblack X-O MIXTURE SC
Cationic Black DCC-BK X-RL Cationicblack X-RL MIXTURE SC
Cationic Red DCC-R01301 Basic Red 13 3648-36-0 SC
Cationic Red DCC-R01401 Basic Red 14 12217-48-0 SC
Cationic Red DCC-R01501 Basic Red 15 12217-49-5 SC
Cationic Red DCC-R01801 Basic Red 18 14097-03-1 SC
Cationic Red DCC-R18:101 Basic Red 18:1 N/A SC
Cationic Red DCC-R02201 Basic Red 22 12221-52-2 SC
Cationic Red DCC-R02901 Basic Red 29 42373-04-6 SC
Cationic Red DCC-R04601 Basic Red 46 12221-69-1 SC
Cationic Red DCC-R05401 Basic Red 54 12270-28-9 SC
Cationic Yellow DCC-Y01301 Basic Yellow 13 12217-50-4 SC
Cationic Yellow DCC-Y02401 Basic Yellow 24 52435-14-0 SC
Cationic Yellow DCC-Y02801 Basic Yellow 28 54060-92-3 SC
Cationic Yellow DCC-Y02901 Basic Yellow 29 39279-59-9/58151-74-5 SC
Cationic Yellow DCC-Y04001 Basic Bellow 40 12221-32-5 SC
Cationic Yellow DCC-Y05101 Basic Bellow 51 83949-75-1 SC
Cationic Yellow DCC-Y02101 Basic Yellow 21 6359-50-8 SC
Cationic Blue DCC-B16201 Basic Blue 162 15085-91-3 SC
Cationic Blue DCC-B00301 Basic Blue 3 4444-00-3 SC
Cationic Blue DCC-B041 XGRL Basic Blue 41 12270-13-2 SC
Cationic Blue DCC-B041 XGRRL Basic Blue 41 :1 12270-13-2 SC
Cationic Blue DCC-B06201 Basic Blue 62 N/A SC
Cationic Blue DCC-B15901 Basic Blue159 N/A SC
Cationic Navy DCC-NAVY BLUE 2RN Cationic Navy Blue 2RN MIXTURE SC
Cationic Navy DCC-NAVY BLUE X-BRL Cationic Navy Blue X-BRL MIXTURE SC
Cationic Violet DCC-V01601 Basic Violet 16 6359-45-1/85283-95-0 SC
Cationic Violet DCC-V00701 Basic Violet 7 6441-82-3 SC
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