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DCC Outdoor Extension:Hiking on Huihang Road

DCC Outdoor Extension:Hiking on Huihang Road

2018-07-04 12:30

  Huihang Road is located on the boundry of Zhejiang and Anhui Province, it is one of the three most famous old road in China, the other two is Silk Road and Tea Horse Road. It is 25km long with well-kept stone steps through which we can exprience the hardships of the merchants in ancient times. HuiHang road was built in the Tang, after 1000 years of history.

  We went outdoor hiking on Nov.2nd to 3rd as a regular company extension programmes. t's a great place to relax and get close to nature. During the hiking, we are devided to groups and every group act together and share their food and water. It is a challenge to teamwork in other form, also a precious opportunity to close our distance.We have a simple goal,that is to support each other walk towards to the terminate.

We set out from YongLai village

Support and encourage each other during the hike


Team games also add color to the journey

Raise your glasses and cheer on the journey

Group photos on the way

Group photo on the peak

The bonfire party brought the whole activity to a climax

  The whole hike took eight hours.Although the journey was hard, we all felt the success and satisfaction after the sweat, as well as the deep friendship of helping and helping each other between colleagues.



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